Fair Fight

The U.S. faces mounting evidence of police brutality, corruption, and the problems caused by mass incarceration. As the public reckons with these societal injustices, activists and non-profits have been working tirelessly to raise awareness, advocate for change, and fight for victims of this violent system.

The Fair Fight is one of those organizations. The Fair Fight Initiative, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, helps victims of police brutality, prison violence, and unfair legal treatment to fight for justice. Their main causes include:

  1. Uncovering and ending inhumane jail and prison conditions – Mass incarceration has led to overcrowding in prisons where violence and sexual abuse often go unchecked, putting prisoners in dangerous situations. Prisoners are regularly mistreated based on gender identity, sex, race, and disability.
  2. Exposing and prosecuting deadly police brutality – Law enforcement uses force with impunity, resulting in far too many violent deaths and life-changing injuries, disproportionately in communities of color. Policies and institutions must accept drastic changes to ensure public safety.
  3. Litigating prosecutorial and government misconduct – Prosecutors and government officials wield enormous power. Abuses of that power lead to wrongful convictions, inflicting harm on innocent victims. 

The Fair Fight Initiative’s Goal

The Fair Fight Initiative raises awareness around injustice in the legal and criminal justice systems, including substandard jail and prison environments, prosecutorial and government misconduct, and police violence. The organization’s mission is global in reach, but efforts are focused in the Deep South, particularly Louisiana, Florida, and Georgia.

The Fair Fight Initiative raises funds to help victims of injustice litigate their cases. Lawyers evaluate cases based on their potential to bring about broad and lasting reform. Representation is offered to victims at little to no cost.

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