If Innocent Will a Statement Hurt My Case?

Question: If I am innocent, will it hurt my case if I give a statement to police?

Answer: Well, that’s a good question. It’s not like there are not innocent people in jail. So, if you’re truly innocent, you know, my number one recommendation would be to get an attorney involved, someone who does this type of work. Because even though you might be innocent, the police go through a lot of training when it comes to interrogation. And it would be very unfortunate to get into a situation where you acquiesce to authority and something comes up and you’re truly innocent but next thing you now, you’re getting arrested. It might be hard to un-ring the bell. Remember, this is 2015. And even though you’re innocent and we know you’re innocent and if you continue to speak and you think you’re doing the right thing—and that’s what happens a lot, “I think I’m doing the right thing.” Next thing you know, the law enforcement officer could determine that they have probable cause to arrest you. Whether or not that can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt because you’re truly innocent, that’s ultimately going to be up for a jury of your peers. But it’s always a good idea, especially if you’re innocent, to get an attorney involved so that the attorney can start talking with the law enforcement officer to present evidence that is favorable to you and maybe that will keep the police at bay and not move forward on an investigation.

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